Here are all the activities you can do at the airport, without giving any funds to your wallet

What to do when you are at the airport and wait for the flight to arrive ? We often find ourselves waiting many hours inside the terminal , waiting for a connection or due to a delay. Engaging time is not easy … or maybe yes! There are indeed many activities that can be carried out at the airport without necessarily spending a fortune.

The first tip is undoubtedly to relax. Waiting to board the plane does not have to be unnerving. Relax the tension and stress by relaxing on the seats in the airport. In fact, many structures have decided to equip themselves with comfortable and comfortable seats. In Amsterdam , Seoul and Singapore, for example, so-called “sleep chairs” have been installed that allow travelers to take a nap .

If you have a few hours at your disposal, take some time to do some physical activity . Stretch your legs, walking at a fast pace in the corridors of the structure, doing sport and freeing endorphins that are good for the body and mind. For the lazy, waiting at the airport can be the right opportunity to laze around. Lie down on an armchair (possibly the most comfortable!) And take advantage of the free wi-fi connection to surf the web. For example, you can watch a movie, write on your travel blog or chat with friends. Alternatively, take the time to finish reading the book you like so much, but you never have the chance to browse because of too many commitments.

If the stop is due to a stopover before jumping on the next plane that will take you to your destination, try to discover the country where you are. Do it by tasting some local dishes . Often at the airport there are small refreshment points where traditional dishes of the country where you are located are served. Pick someone, just for fun, and discover new flavors.

Finally, in airports there is also space for culture. In many structures around the world, in fact, among shops and restaurants, temporary exhibitions are also set up. This is the case of Heathrow, in London , where there is an art gallery at Terminal 5, but also in Amsterdam, where there is an area of ​​the Rijksmuseum at the airport .

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