This coast is the Garden of Italy

From Martinsicuro to Silvi winds the Garden of Italy , almost 30 km of coastline on the Abruzzo coast where green areas alternate with crystal clear sea. This stretch, called Costa Giardino , is wild and beautiful, little known, but appreciated by nature lovers, by those looking for a little rest and relaxation. Along the road, where there is also a bike path , you will find several enchanting and very particular seaside resorts , all to be discovered.

The journey starts from Martinsicuro , a modern seaside resort located south of the mouth of the Tronto river. Here ancient and modern mix together giving life to something unique. To welcome you, you will find the massive tower erected by Charles V in defense of the city, able to tell the ancient history of these places. In the most touristic area the bathing establishments alternate with private villas and hotels, further on you can discover a protected area, with dunes and reeds, between the Tronto river and the Vibrata stream .

Continuing further on, we reach Alba Adriatica , one of the most popular destinations on the Abruzzo coast, where entertainment is the main protagonist, with bars overlooking the sea, restaurants, shows and over fifty bathing establishments that remain open all night. The town borders on Tortoreto Lido , a historic seaside resort founded in the early 1900s, characterized by a small town to be discovered, a crystal clear sea and golden sand .

Further on we find Giulianova Lido founded in Roman times and known as Castrum Novum, characterized by a breathtaking seafront and a port where fishing boats and tourist boats dock . Overcoming small wooden bridges you reach the Teramo coast where the coast has remained wild and free from urbanization. Here is Roseto, a small town much appreciated by tourists, characterized by tall palm trees and crystal clear sea.

Italians? Travel photojournalists with smartphones instead of cameras

Italians? They are travel photojournalists who use the smartphone instead of the camera . According to a research carried out by eDreams , the classic Reflex, a fundamental tool for many travelers, has now been replaced by a mobile phone. This is confirmed by a survey of 10,000 people that involved Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, the United Kingdom and France.

According to the data collected, the Italians are the tourists who most of all prefer the smartphone to the camera. To choose this medium to capture the important moments of the holidays are above all the over 55s. Apparently Italy is in contrast with the custom of immortalizing travel memories . It is not the very young who photograph breathtaking panoramas and monuments, but the fifty-year-olds. Smartphone in hand, 69% say they always use the phone when they are traveling, on the contrary boys between 18 and 24 choose it only at home and not on vacation.

But how should the smartphone be perfect for an Italian photojournalist? Apparently our compatriots consider battery life and phone resistance to shock and contact with water to be fundamental . When they buy it they also consider the type of camera, just in view of the photos they will take on the road.

And the goals? The favorite is the sea , loved by travelers of all ages. Crystal clear sea and golden beaches seem to be the perfect place to spend holidays and take some photos. Italians also appreciate cultural journeys and love discovering other cities in Italy and Europe. The “city break” formula is chosen by both sixty-year-olds (41%) and thirty-year-olds (37%) to escape the daily routine. The younger ones prefer theme parks instead. Children between 18 and 24 travel mainly to have fun in Disneyland-style facilities , but also to participate in music festivals .

Summer, the low-cost destinations for young people, now chosen by everyone

Almost Maldives, Thailand or Mexico. Italians this summer return to choose the seaside destinations usually preferred by penniless youngsters : Greece , Croatia and Spain. According to the latest surveys, celebrated destinations in the 1990s such as Lloret de Mar and Ibiza , in Spain, Corfu in Greece, and the Croatian island of Pag are back among the destinations .

The Greek island of Corfu , facing the coasts of Epirus and Albania, gathers most of the preferences. Among its most famous beaches is Paleokastritsa , known for having also hosted a myth: Ulysses. Do not miss also Kavos , Sidari , Ermones , the corners hidden by vegetation and the largest toga party in Europe , beloved by students between 16 and 25 years. Beautiful also the old city, in particular the Spianada district, where there is one of the most beautiful squares in Greece.

The second favorite destination is another island, Pag , in northern Dalmatia . 180 km from Trieste , it is connected to the mainland by the ferry arriving from Prizna and a bridge leading to the city of Zadar. The island of olive groves, salt pans and lace is gaining in recent years the label of ‘new Ibiza’ , also thanks to nightclubs that host console stars such as the Aquarius and the Papaya. Not only discos: tourists can move on 270 km of coast, very varied and articulated.

The queen of holidays in Spain , Lloret de Mar , on the Catalan coast , between Girona and Barcelona , is the capital of the Costa Brava nightclubs . From the Tropics to the Colossos, the ‘fiesta’ is here. Hotels are cheap and you never sleep. Over 7 km of beaches , from Lloret to Canyelles. The city is not much, indeed, it is crowded and covered with concrete. One of the few coves on the Costa Brava is Sa Bodaella .

Another Spanish among the favorite destinations of the young and not only: Ibiza . The liveliest of the Balearic Islands , which however offers spectacular beaches and sea (the most beautiful are Cala Tarida and Talamanca ), in addition to the Pacha , Space etc clubs , it has the premises that are authentic institutions of entertainment. Here the most famous DJs in the world take turns in the long summer nights ending with a huge closing party in September.

Here are all the activities you can do at the airport, without giving any funds to your wallet

What to do when you are at the airport and wait for the flight to arrive ? We often find ourselves waiting many hours inside the terminal , waiting for a connection or due to a delay. Engaging time is not easy … or maybe yes! There are indeed many activities that can be carried out at the airport without necessarily spending a fortune.

The first tip is undoubtedly to relax. Waiting to board the plane does not have to be unnerving. Relax the tension and stress by relaxing on the seats in the airport. In fact, many structures have decided to equip themselves with comfortable and comfortable seats. In Amsterdam , Seoul and Singapore, for example, so-called “sleep chairs” have been installed that allow travelers to take a nap .

If you have a few hours at your disposal, take some time to do some physical activity . Stretch your legs, walking at a fast pace in the corridors of the structure, doing sport and freeing endorphins that are good for the body and mind. For the lazy, waiting at the airport can be the right opportunity to laze around. Lie down on an armchair (possibly the most comfortable!) And take advantage of the free wi-fi connection to surf the web. For example, you can watch a movie, write on your travel blog or chat with friends. Alternatively, take the time to finish reading the book you like so much, but you never have the chance to browse because of too many commitments.

If the stop is due to a stopover before jumping on the next plane that will take you to your destination, try to discover the country where you are. Do it by tasting some local dishes . Often at the airport there are small refreshment points where traditional dishes of the country where you are located are served. Pick someone, just for fun, and discover new flavors.

Finally, in airports there is also space for culture. In many structures around the world, in fact, among shops and restaurants, temporary exhibitions are also set up. This is the case of Heathrow, in London , where there is an art gallery at Terminal 5, but also in Amsterdam, where there is an area of ​​the Rijksmuseum at the airport .


Travelling can be fun sometimes it can be your worst nightmare. A careless traveler can become an easy target for thieves because they stand out in crowed, are not aware of their surrounding and generally carry money, credit card and valuable like cameras. You can reduce the chance of being theft with some simple precaution. It is always good to research about the destination with the foreign affairs and Trade. While you are venturing right into a great unknown, comply with those simple recommendations to protect yourself and make sure a happy and safe adventure.

Always Keep A Photocopy Of Your Passport
Whenever You travel to another country passport is the mandatory thing you should have in your pocket, before you leave scan a copy of your passport, email to yourself and take a photo of it to save in your mobile phone. you’ll have access to all your details plus if it was stolen getting a replacement is much easier.

Travel Insurance
I recommend you to take travel insurance when you are flying abroad ensure your emergency medical and evacuation assistance and 24 hours support when you need the most.

Know Your Destination
It is good to have a proper knowledge of your destination. State department provide safety information for every country in the world. You can search online and get trustworthy details about your destination. Find out whether there is any local law on travel warnings such as crime and security warning. With step further you can register on State Department’s Smart Traveller Enrolment Program, in the event of an emergency they will be able to contact you.

Take Care Of Your Belonging
Whenever you transport from one place to another place while traveling you should always keep an eye on your stuff. When traveling with a backpack you could use a rain cover to protect yourself from being robbed. When you are in a crowdy place like bus station and airport you should never leave your luggage because those are the favorite places for robbers.

Pick Out Your Ground Transportation Accurately
Always travel in a vehicle which is fully equipped with safety module. There are lots of travelers who are dying in a motorcycle crashes. Travell in a vehicle which is in good condition and offers safe seat belts. Research for safety record of a travel company and avoid the less safe vehicle.

Keep Electronic Gadgets At Minimum
People love to carry lots of electronic stuff while they are traveling. They love to click photos with their huge digital camera which is unnecessary. You can take awesome quality photos with your phone then why to carry those heavy brick in your bag it will not only slow you down but also make an obvious target for those who looking to snatch them up.

Carry Small Amount Of Money
Try to keep a small amount of money in your pocket and keep copies of your all credit card. Always withdraw the money from the bank because ATM’s are manipulated and copy the data on your card unnoticeable.These are some of the safety tips that you need to look at while you are traveling. Don’t be careless about anything because you may be the next victim, stay safe.


Thailand is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Most of the people use to take tour to enjoy the serenity so that they can get relaxed in their mind. Phuket in Thailand is such a place that people could get the fullest of enjoyment with places to relax and having quality time with the loved ones.

The Phuket Big Buddha which is in Nakkerd Hills is really an amazing place to see in Phuket for the family people to enjoy serenity and it sure that it will unleash tranquility in mind. When it comes to enjoyment, there are a lot of places such as beaches, sea show and Old Phuket Town.

Phuket is known for its rich heritage and culture and it will be an ideal place to experience the most enjoyable and peaceful tour ever.One of the finest tourist destinations in Thailand is Bangkok with attractive places to visit. Bangkok is a city that is mixed with diverse cultures such as Buddhists, Chinese, Indian and Western Culture. There are many beautiful and must see places in Bangkok such as Museum of Contrary art, Lumpini Park, King Rama IX Park, Floating Markets of Damnoen Saduak, Wat Suthat, Grand Palace, National Museum & Wang Na Palace, Khao San Road, Jim Thompson House and much more.

Bangkok and Phuket is considered as best destination for honeymoon trip and other kind of trips. Choose the best phuket and bangkok tour packages for happy touring that is worth spending to enjoy a great trip with friends or family or spouse.Thailand is exceptional for various reasons apart from site seeing it is best for local shopping hunts visits to neighborhood shops rather than shopping centers and brand showrooms that are spread everywhere throughout the city. Being one of the real metropolitans of the world, Bangkok is enriched with the best of all universes. Nonetheless, a little into the less marketed spots can be certainly justified regardless of your cash.

When visiting phuket you need to be considering the time of visiting as a long shot the most energizing time to visit Phuket is on Songkran, which is the Thai New Year. Songkran happens April 13 to 15, with April 15 being the huge day for the water battle. Chinese New Year is likewise a fun time to visit Phuket, particularly in case you’re a fanatic of Chinese nourishment. The celebration isn’t exactly as splendid and breathtaking as in Bangkok; however it’s as yet worth checking whether you happen to be in the region. It happens in February.

New Year’s Eve in Phuket is best appreciated in Patong. Everybody makes a big queue for the sea shore before midnight to watch the grand firecrackers show. Apart from all in the event that you simply need a calm and quiet holiday, then the best time to visit Phuket is from May to October as it is low season when tourists numbers are less down however the island is still similarly as excellent.


There is a saying “It leaves you speechless and then it turns you into a storyteller.” This world is full of travelers, and many of them have adopted full time traveling as their job. It feels great to be in the lap of Mother Nature surrounded by positive vibes. Isn’t it? Going alone feels great when you want a pause from your daily life and trust me you never want to come back once you’ve packed your bag and leave for a new place.

When you’re traveling alone, there are many things you should know to be safe. The world is full of good and bad people, and we can’t be sure anything. So, keep your eyes and ears open when you’re in a new place and observe your surroundings and don’t look worried as it may get you hesitated, and you may start feeling worse.

Learn to say NO
When you’re in a new place, and even if you’ve been there before, you have to act smartly. As told before, this world is full of good and bad people, and you should know about that. Don’t hesitate if someone offers you something or someone tries to take you somewhere. Don’t go; I repeat never go even if he/she is a right person and they are guiding you the right way.

It is essential because we can’t be sure about the circumstances and you’ve to be looking for someone trustworthy. There are positive vibes, and you can feel it every time and everywhere and there are negative vibes where you feel like something is fishy. So try not to say a YES when you feel such negative vibes.

This is what you should do before your first solo trip Traveling is a gift for every person on this earth. Some love to go with their family while some loves to go alone and enjoy exploring new places on their own and meeting strangers on the road or making new friends. When you’re going to plan a solo trip, and it’s your first time then you’ve to take care of some essential things that you can learn from some pre-doings at your place.

Try to start your solo trip on a small scale first to learn the art and take out your fear of solo traveling. Take a weekend off from your office and go to some outskirts or even try to explore some new places around your city that you haven’t been to those places. These trips will take out your fear, and you’ll come across many strangers and trust me you’re going to learn lot more about your life.

Bottom line
If still, you feel like you’re not ready for your first solo traveling tours then you can check out these things, or I should say precautions while going solo. This guide will help you a lot whenever you’re going either to a city or mountains. Stay tuned for more travel related stuff.


The world is full of tourists and travelers. Traveling is an art that everyone should know about. There are some precautions that you should be taking care of in order to travel safely. One of the most traveled destinations in this world is Europe and if you’re one of the people planning to go there then this guide may help you travel much better with minimum expenses and better experience. Here we’ve come up with few tips andtricks that can help you to experience more and travel easily. So let’s get started –

  1. Visa Requirements
    Well, if you’ve just planned for a Europe trip then you have to be much careful about the visa requirements firstly. There are a limited number
  2. of visa given to tourists accordingly. So, you’ve to be booking your visa registration months before your plan. Make sure you’ve applied for your
  3. visa as you may ruin your trip by getting back from a certain office or airport itself.
  4. Keep all these in mind while checking out for a visa. Don’t get carried away by the facts that you can apply for that once you’ve landed in

Europe but unlike other countries, you need to pre-book your visa to get to Europe.

  1. Off Season Traveling
    I know this might sound funny but there is a lot of difference in a traveler and tourists. Traveler explores the unexplored and gets many
  2. experiences and on the other hand, tourists are living just like their daily luxury life just the place is different when they are traveling. In
  3. order to beat the crowd that makes Europe much filled up as in summers beaches get overcrowded and tourist attractions turn into long lines.

Traveling to Europe can give you a totally different experience and you’ll find new things as different festivals that very less of the travelers have seen. You can get around places easily and in offseason, you can get accommodation at such fewer prices. So, this will let you a lot of dollars and you’ll be experiencing totally different things that only locals do.

  1. Going places by train
    Trains are love, these are one of the most efficient sources of traveling faster and cheaper. You can use these in Europe to save much of your
  2. money by booking your trains by a trusted person. Once you’ve booked your ticket then validate that ticket by a counter or any professional
  3. before getting on the train. This can save you from getting fines as when you’re in a foreign country then you can’t be sure about anyone and getting your ticket checked before hopping into the train will help you a lot.

Bottom line
Traveling in Europe is really easy but there are some important things that you should know in order to be traveling much safely and efficiently.

So if you’ve planned a trip to Europe on your own then these hacks can be helpful for you all. Hope you like this.


Do you love vacations? Well, I’m sure you do. In fact, everyone does love vacations. It is the most beautiful part of human’s life. It is the time when we are away from our hectic schedule, a time away from the stressful life. In addition to that, the new places that we could try out are a catalyst to the excitement. A new place means new culture, a new atmosphere, and new people. That is like a new life.New York is also like a new life to the pre-lived existence. This place has many contrast things to offer. If you have a view of it in your mind, you can relate that to me. However, if you have not visited New York, my words might seem irrelevant to you. If the advice does not offend you, then I would like to recommend this place to you. Here are the reasons why New York is the best place for vacations.

Swimming pigs of the Bahamas in the Out Islands of the Exuma

The rich history of America

New York is the center of attraction of the United States of America. Not just that it belongs to the 21st century but a history that dates back to the 18th century. Once in New York you would realize what beautify can the man-made shapes posses. A place that is full of energy since the past. It is the business hub of the whole country. If you are familiar with movies then you might have already had an impression about it. It is a place for all the immigrants. If you ask someone where he has been in the USA, you probably have heard of New York. That is the obvious answer.

The fashion in here is the trend

The New York is the most recognized in the world. Fashion is like the internet that spreads everywhere across the globe. The best thing about this place is the dress that is just a trail in here, turns out to be fashion across the globe. Have you heard of the term “the Western-style”? If you have, then they are generally referring to this place. New York is the best place for the girls out there. The New York fashion is what going to make you look great. Be here and try it all by yourself.


If you not a victim of acrophobia, then this place is perfect for you. You might have wished in your childhood to see the world from the sky. Well, you wish have been heard. The sky-high skyscrapers will leave your jaw wide open. You will be stunned by the number of skyscrapers that you will find in here. You could attain that height in here where not the earth but the heaven would look nearer.If you are to visit this place with your beloved car then you don’t have to worry. The roads in here are super awesome to help the tires have asmooth roll. If it needs a service then the bushwick car service is around the corner to help you around the clock.


Travelling is often considered to be one of the most exciting activities that you can consider while in the urgent need of a vacation. There are a huge number of holiday destinations that you can visit according to your will and wish. But one thing that remains in common is the need for choosing the right car rental services wherever you visit.

One option that you can go with is the bushwick car service. But if you want to go with something else, it is extremely important for you to make the right decision while choosing the one for you. In case you are as well confused to make the right decision we have mentioned down some of the tips for you. These will surely help you out in order to choose the right car rental services wherever you visit.

Tips that you must consider while choosing the car rental services

• It is extremely important for you to complete your research first in order to get complete information about that particular car rental service


• Also, it is important for you to ask plenty of question in order to clear all your doubts and get all the answers you want.

• Make sure to compare the price charged with some of the other options that are available in the market. You can easily make the enquires in order to get done with your comparing task. This will surely help you out to get affordable and cheap car rental services.

• You need to properly check all the services that you will get in exchange for the amount that you are paying to a particular company. Also, make sure to clear all your doubts regarding the hidden charges that might be applied later.

• While you are travelling, it is extremely important for you to make sure about the different luxury car options as well as different kind of packages that are available for the long and short trips that you wish to take. It is extremely important for you to make sure that the car option, as well as the package that you are choosing, fits right in your budget without any issue.

• There can be a huge number of different kind of requirements that you need to face while you are travelling to different sort of places. That is why we suggest you to check previously that the rental services and the car that you are going to choose will be able to offer you the kind of services that you are looking for as well as it must be able to fulfill all your requirements a well.

We recommended you to choose the car services online instead of waiting to reach the place in order to search for the cars that you wish to hire.

Also, if you are travelling and are in the urgent need for the cars you can feel free to check out the Bushwick car service as they are known for the high-quality services.