Travelling can be fun sometimes it can be your worst nightmare. A careless traveler can become an easy target for thieves because they stand out in crowed, are not aware of their surrounding and generally carry money, credit card and valuable like cameras. You can reduce the chance of being theft with some simple precaution. It is always good to research about the destination with the foreign affairs and Trade. While you are venturing right into a great unknown, comply with those simple recommendations to protect yourself and make sure a happy and safe adventure.

Always Keep A Photocopy Of Your Passport
Whenever You travel to another country passport is the mandatory thing you should have in your pocket, before you leave scan a copy of your passport, email to yourself and take a photo of it to save in your mobile phone. you’ll have access to all your details plus if it was stolen getting a replacement is much easier.

Travel Insurance
I recommend you to take travel insurance when you are flying abroad ensure your emergency medical and evacuation assistance and 24 hours support when you need the most.

Know Your Destination
It is good to have a proper knowledge of your destination. State department provide safety information for every country in the world. You can search online and get trustworthy details about your destination. Find out whether there is any local law on travel warnings such as crime and security warning. With step further you can register on State Department’s Smart Traveller Enrolment Program, in the event of an emergency they will be able to contact you.

Take Care Of Your Belonging
Whenever you transport from one place to another place while traveling you should always keep an eye on your stuff. When traveling with a backpack you could use a rain cover to protect yourself from being robbed. When you are in a crowdy place like bus station and airport you should never leave your luggage because those are the favorite places for robbers.

Pick Out Your Ground Transportation Accurately
Always travel in a vehicle which is fully equipped with safety module. There are lots of travelers who are dying in a motorcycle crashes. Travell in a vehicle which is in good condition and offers safe seat belts. Research for safety record of a travel company and avoid the less safe vehicle.

Keep Electronic Gadgets At Minimum
People love to carry lots of electronic stuff while they are traveling. They love to click photos with their huge digital camera which is unnecessary. You can take awesome quality photos with your phone then why to carry those heavy brick in your bag it will not only slow you down but also make an obvious target for those who looking to snatch them up.

Carry Small Amount Of Money
Try to keep a small amount of money in your pocket and keep copies of your all credit card. Always withdraw the money from the bank because ATM’s are manipulated and copy the data on your card unnoticeable.These are some of the safety tips that you need to look at while you are traveling. Don’t be careless about anything because you may be the next victim, stay safe.

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